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20R10 — The Iliad of Homer

The Iliad of Homer

Read as part of the Core Curriculum at Columbia University. Page and verse references come from the Richmond Lattimore 2011 edition.

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What struck me most was the ending of this epic. After all the battle, bloodshed, anger, disgust, treachery, and hopelessness of the fighting, we end with the Achaians and the Trojans both going through much effort and pain to honor and mourn those they have lost. Even knowing the future pain of the war, the Achaians burn and celebrate Patroklos while the Trojans strain to recover Hektor. What a reminder of how much *love* still conquers. We might see these figures as near savage in warfare. But life and love, I think, is what they truly value. The Iliad might just be a pacifist work.

Additional reading:

  1. Simone Weil: The Iliad or the Poem of Force

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